The Really Cool Thing About Network Automation (using Netmiko)


Network Automation?

OK let me give you a brief break-down. For many networking devices used now, you configure it through a CLI or command-line interface. This can be fine when you have a small office with maybe 3 switches but it can get very tedious and extremely time-consuming when you're on a larger scale, say 100 switches. How do you


Getting your ICND1 Certification


I passed....WOAH!

So if the title didn't make it obvious enough, I've passed my ICND1 Exam. Yay! What does this mean? Well, it means I'm a Cisco Certified Entry-Level Networking Technician or a CCENT. This is very cool and is a solid first step for me as my very first industry certification


Why The CCENT?

I skipped the Network+ and