Server Administration/Systems Deployment

I’m capable of managing Windows and Linux servers to provide services ranging from Web Hosting with Apache, Network Monitoring, Remote Desktop, SSH etc. Past that, not only am I capable of installing and getting your OSes ready to go but I’m savvy with the hardware to boot. I can assemble the components right out of the box and follow that up with ensuring that all the important software you need is ready to go!


I’m a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and I’m able to manage enterprise and small business networking solutions including core networking infrastructure such as switches and routers, WAN technologies and network monitoring.  Beyond that, I have experience in network automation with tools like Paramiko for Python

Hey that’s me doing a lab in Packet Tracer, very hardworking I’d say!

Infrastructure as Code

Not only am I able to manage the physical hardware components of your devices and the software that comes with it, I’m able to utilize Python programming to streamline deployment of services and utilize the API of software for improved efficiencies.

Web Dev

Hey! Going full circle, huh? Yeah, I set this site up that you’re looking at right now and I can manage hosting, website building, domain purchases and all your needs when it comes to giving you a solid web presence, just like I did for myself!