Using My Four Years of IT Skills to Show FLOW Jamaica who’s Boss



I work in IT as a Research and Development Engineer. I started with a focus on Networking but I wanted a broader scope. My skills are heavily focused on looking at problems and researching the best solutions for those problems.

Like many Jamaicans in the pandemic, I’ve been working from home. I depend on my ISP to provide … more

Automating the Windows GUI Interface


Today I learned how to make my life easier

My thoughts were always that automation was for Linux, Windows folks had to either use the Powershell terminal or they were pluck out of luck. Pyautogui says no. With this really cool tool you can make your Windows experience a whole lot easier. Tired of going in [insert browser here] and


The Really Cool Thing About Network Automation (using Netmiko)


Network Automation?

OK let me give you a brief break-down. For many networking devices used now, you configure it through a CLI or command-line interface. This can be fine when you have a small office with maybe 3 switches but it can get very tedious and extremely time-consuming when you're on a larger scale, say 100 switches. How do you


Getting your ICND1 Certification


I passed....WOAH!

So if the title didn't make it obvious enough, I've passed my ICND1 Exam. Yay! What does this mean? Well, it means I'm a Cisco Certified Entry-Level Networking Technician or a CCENT. This is very cool and is a solid first step for me as my very first industry certification


Why The CCENT?

I skipped the Network+ and


How to create a Linux Server on your Old Android Phone with Termux


A story about a little phone...

This is the story of my Moto G 1st Gen. I got it way past its hey-day in February 2016 but it was my first foray into the world of Android (yeah, I know, really late) and I really had a fondness for it. That little phone kicked its way into 2017 but alas,


How to Create a Telegram To-Do List Bot


What'd I Gain?

My girlfriend and I use a group we call Tarejas (Spanish for tasks) for managing all the little things we need to get done throughout the day. Not only does it help keep up focused but there's a sense of achievement finishing all those things in a day and knowing that we've been that much productive. Downside


How to Install WordPress on Cent OS 7 on top of Apache


So you want your site to be beautiful, responsive and most importantly free so you set up your web server, got Apache up and running, did a Hello World page to see it was working and then got stuck. You have your own web server and you don't have to pay for hosting but what's that thing that all those