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Hey, I'm Jordan Barrett from Jamaica. This is me showing you who I am and what's really cool about me. That's why you're here right, to get to know me? Well, I'll give you a tour. You can find out the stuff I'm proficient at and able to professionally manage from the Services page or you can scroll down a little bit to get a preview. Cool stuff I've worked on and thought would be a good idea to share can be seen on the Blog page. Take a look around and give me a holler if you'd like to reach out. Thanks for taking a look!

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Server Admin

I'm capable of managing Windows and Linux servers to provide services ranging from Web Hosting with Apache, Network Monitoring, Remote Desktop, SSH etc...

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I’m a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and I’m able to manage enterprise and small business networking solutions including core networking infrastructure such as switches and routers..

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Python Coding

Not only am I able to manage the physical hardware components of your devices and the software that comes with it, I'm able to utilize Python programming...

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